7 Shades of Grey. By Silvertone International.

In contrary to most other printers, Silvertone uses 7 Shades of Grey for their amazing Black and White printing. Silvertone uses the ‪#‎Piezography‬ technique.

By using seven distinct shades of carbon based pigment ink, a grayscale image is divided into more divisible gradations than can be realized when using only three shades as found in systems such as Epson ABW and MIS Unitone, or four shades as found in the HP quadtone sytems.
Seven shades of ink combined with our proprietary profiling process produce enhanced highlight and shadow detail that exceed what is capable using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes. Proprietary structure of Piezography pigments produce zero metamerism.

Image courtesy by “Elizabeth Olivier Kahlau” www.photography-africa.co.za