Brent Stirton

Andreas is the consummate German perfectionist behind a computer. I know that I can give him an untouched raw file  and on the basis of a brief conversation; he will produce something beyond my ability to imagine in my own work.  A great retoucher, he is capable of bringing out detail which I did not realize was there. It is like seeing the photograph all over again. A great retoucher takes your work to another level, they are not just technicians, they see what you are trying to communicate and use their skills to enhance that. Beyond their technical skills, Dennis and Andreas are people who really listen to you. This is a bespoke service, not a drop off shop that wants the work out the door as quickly as possible. They are concerned with their reputation for consistent quality. As a result everything is beautifully done and you come away from the experience feeling like you have found collaborators. In a world of apathetic operators they are a breath of fresh air. –