ELIZABETH_die_EERSTEELIZABETH OLIVIER KAHLAU is a photographer /artist with a passion for beautiful images. She has won over 60 National and International Photographic Awards including “THE IMAGE OF THE YEAR ”in the 2007 Fuji Profoto Awards. Her work appeared in several publications and on the covers of several magazines in SA.

In 2010 Elizabeth became part of the Judges for the Sony Professional Awards in South Africa.

Elizabeth has had several Fine Art Photographic Exhibitions, and is currently working on her exhibition AFRICAN QUEEN to rase awareness against woman abuse in Africa.

In 2014 she became part of the creative team at Silvertone and started the Silvertone In House Gallery to showcase up and coming artist’s work.

“my vision is that Silvertone not only produce outstanding work of the highest quality but be a hub of inspiration for any artist / photographer from the man on the street to the high end selling artist”