Andreas Kahlau of Silvertone specializes in world class photo editing. With over 40 years experience, it has always been one of his passions! In his own words:
“To take a relative normal image and turn it into an award winning image ready for exhibitions, gives me great pleasure!”

Do you need help with your photos?

Have you just returned from a great destination, with the most awesome scenery, but your camera just did not capture it the way you saw it? Do you want us to enhance and edit your images? We guarantee that you will re-live all your memories exactly the way you experienced it.

You will be surprised how much hidden information is in your files and what Silvertone can do with it.
Silvertone  is the secret of wildlife and landscape photographer’s all over the world!

Convinced? So how does it work?

  1. Upload your file/s on our server
    If you have a large amount of files to upload please ‘zip them’ and then upload
  2. We edit them and, when complete, we’ll contact you via internet / e mail
  3. View your edited images