Pierre Croquet

For the last 5 years Silvertone have been solely responsible for the entire production side of my business – processing of film and contacts, digital A0 proofs and finally through to the 800mm by 800mm silver hand prints – the process is an absolute pleasure! Being based in Cape Town and Silvertone in Johannesburg could not be easier as Dennis and Andreas are brilliant at letting me know film has arrived and the status of my work. They and their staff also communicate well with each other so my work is never lost in the system. It frees up me to work confident that production is in the safest of hands and in 5 years I have never had a lost or damaged a roll of film nor a print.  I leave my negs in their storage, collect selected silver prints and digital proofs en route to present work in Europe and for every five meetings i have – four dealers will always say the printing is unbelievable and ask who does my printing!! Dennis and Andreas are integral business partners in my work and the ease to work with have made them into close friends too. I feel so secure with them involved my work and if i ever leave Cape Town i will still use them cause they make distance easy. Thanks guys!! –  www.pierrecrocquet.com