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Silvertone's 2024 New Year's Resolutions 💥

2024 - The Year of Fine Art Printing


Happy (belatedNew Year!

We can still say that because for us the new year only started on Monday.

Wishing you a year filled with vibrant colours, breathtaking visuals, and the timeless beauty of fine art!

Silvertone Fine Art Printing


Silvertone's New Year's Resolutions 💥

Exceed the expectations of everyone we work with

It's been our goal for many years and it will continue to be at the core of what we aim to achieve at Silvertone.


Cultivate Artistic Collaborations

Foster partnerships with emerging and established artists and photographers to bring a diverse range of visual beauty to the forefront.


Streamline turnaround time

We want to get your prints to you - quicker! Without compromising on the quality of our consultations or the quality of the fine art prints. 


Work with more 'non-professionals'

Fine Art Printing shouldn't be reserved for professional photographers or artists. Yes, we love working with the pro's, but we also love working with any individual who wants to explore the world of fine art and visual storytelling


What's your New Year's Resolution?

Maybe it is to put more fine art prints on your walls?


Maybe it is to turn that image you've always known was special (the one somewhere on an external hard drive gathering digital dust) into a tangible masterpiece?


Or maybe you simply want to live a more healthier lifestyle but you need some motivation in the form of a fine art print of you from back in the day when you could still run a 5 km fun run. 

If this sounds like you, let's talk ;)

Ronnie Wood with a Silvertone print

Silvertone in the House of The Rolling Stones 🎸

A photograph printed by Silvertone International is hanging in the house of Ronnie Wood, a member of the Rolling Stones!

All credit to wildlife photographer Adam Bannister who took this breathtaking photograph.


Back in action for 2024

We are officially back in business for the new year and want to encourage you to visit us at our premises.

Silvertone Johannesburg:

Address: KOPANO Building, 30 Wellington Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg

Monday - Friday: 08:00-16:00

Silvertone Garden Route:

Address: 21 Fisheagle Street, Sedgefield, Western Cape

By appointment:


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