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Having your Fine Art print or artwork framed through the method of Conservation Framing is not only a nice-to-have, but it’s also a requirement for anyone wanting to protect and preserve their work for the longest possible time.


Conservation Framing is, as the name suggests, a method to conserve the quality and longevity of the artwork/image by means of framing it. Not only will your artwork/image be beautifully framed, but it will also preserve the artwork/image for a lifetime. Conservation framing protects the artwork/image from all external environmental factors that could possibly damage the artwork/image such as ultraviolet lights, moisture or chemical pollutants. Conservation Framing will ensure that the artwork/image will be protected from these elements and remain acid-free.

At Silvertone, we not only professionally edit and print or reproduce your fine art perfectly, but we offer the service of framing your artwork/image through the method of conservation Framing to protect and preserve your work as best as possible.

Silvertone International is fortunate to have Gilroy Thale as our Framing Specialist.

Feel free to reach out to him through email:

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