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Scanning Negatives


One specific area where we at Silvertone set ourselves above any other competitor is our excellence when it comes to scanning and Fine Art reproduction. We are able to scan in any artwork or image and through a process of matching colour, luminosity, sharpness and finest details. This process enables our scanning experts to match the original to be a perfect duplicate.

Silvertone uses a Microtek A3+ flatbed scanner, an Epson A3+ flatbed scanner, an Imacon virtual drum scanner and a Plustek OpticFilm 120 scanner. Our scanners are capable of scanning from colour or B&W, negatives and transparencies in the following formats: 35mm, 120mm, up to 60 x 170mm and sheet film 102x127mm. Flat art/reflections in any size. Our scanners deliver colour, saturation, sharpness and a high dynamic range with the highest degree of consistency.

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